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Cadet program

Laskaridis Shipping Co takes care of the training of young seafarers and is interested in promising, purposeful, persistent and competent crew. To achieve this goal, the company has developed and implemented an officer training program «Cadet’s program» («CD»).

The «CD» includes:

    1. Providing an opportunity for sea practice on the company’s ships for cadets of maritime schools in all specialties.
    2. Organizing the training of cadets on board the ship, passing trainings in the Seagull system.
    3. Assessment of the training and prospects of cadets for further employment in the company.
    4. Recruitment of officers who have completed practical training on the company’s ships, upon completion of training and obtaining a working license, to positions of command staff in accordance with the diploma.

CD participants, like all seafarers, conclude an employment contract with the company, but with several special conditions:

    1. Duration of the contract: 6 months;
    2. Salary: $400;
    3. Working hours: «The normal working hours’ standard for Seafarers shall be based on an eight-hour day, as directed by the Master, from Monday to Friday inclusive and rest on public holidays. The working period should be divided in two parts, 4 hours each, one of which should be used for working according to Head of Ship’s Department order, and other 4 hours should be used by Seafarers for self-training and passing the cadet training programme according to an educational organization of seafarer recommendation.»
    4. Overtime work is not provided, except in cases where such work is necessary for the immediate safety of the vessel, persons on board or cargo, or for the purpose of saving other vessels or lives in distress at sea.

Requirements for candidates:

    1. The presence of any maritime work diploma.
    2. Availability of certificates listed on the Cadets page.
    3. Passing the Marlins English proficiency test and the SEAGULL CES test (in English).
    4. Passing a psychological test.
    5. Passing an interview with crewing specialists.
    6. Final interview with representatives of the shipowner.

The tests are organized by the company and are free of charge for candidates.

If you are ready to join the program, you can either fill out an online questionnaire on our website, or download the questionnaire form and send it to our email.


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