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Crewing company «Proteas Marine Services» — PMS was founded in April 2015. The company is an agent of the Greek shipping company LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. LTD. and it sets up crews for ships of this company only.

Laskaridis Shipping Co. LTD and the Proteas Marine Services take care of the high-quality training of seafarers and train young specialists as part of the cadet program.

LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. LTD. has been successfully operating in the refrigerated transportation market for more than 40 years. The company is an associate of LAVINIA CORPORATION together with the affiliated tanker company ALISON MANAGEMENT Corp. and is located in Athens, Greece.

The company’s vessels operate in all areas of the world ocean and carry out voyages for the transportation of various bulk, liquid and refrigerated cargos.

The company uses the most modern practices and methods of working with seafarers and fully complies with the most modern industry requirements, including the requirements of the 2006 Seafarers’ Labour Convention.

The company’s fleet is constantly replenished with new vessels. A new fleet renewal program has been launched, under which new bulk carriers are expected to arrive at the end of 2024 and throughout 2025.

LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. LTD is the owner and operator:

  • 51 bulk carriers of the type «Panamax», «Post Panamax», “Cape Size” and “Handy Max”;
  • 21 refrigerated cargo carriers; and
  • 12 chemical tankers through the company ALISON MANAGEMENT CORP.


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The crewing company PMS invites seafarers with experience working on large bulk carriers for employment. Currently, PMS is recruiting full crews for all fifty-two bulk carriers of Laskaridis Shipping Ltd. Vessels with a deadweight of 60,000 to 207,000 tons were built at shipyards in China in 2010-2022 and are successfully operating.

Currently, Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. The construction of a new series of large-capacity bulk carriers has been ordered, the delivery of which is expected at the end of 2024 and throughout 2025.

When selecting key specialists, PMS adheres to the following standards. The navigator must have high qualifications for the proposed type of vessel and work experience in the position for which he intends to apply, at least two or three contracts on bulk carriers of comparable tonnage over the past two to three calendar years. Confident knowledge of English is required.

The duration of the contract is 6 months. The crew is mixed. Salaries are high. Given the history of the company (more than 30 years of work), seafarers can count on long-term cooperation with the company and promotion, subject to positive feedback and recommendations based on the results of contracts.


The seafarer must express his intention to register, followed by an interview and an invitation to work for the company, by filling out the documents posted on the «Download documents» page, and then send them to the PMS email address indicated in the «Contacts» website window, or fill out an online form on the «Online form» page. After studying this CV and pre-selecting your candidacy, the crewing manager will contact you and inform you about the further procedure.


  • Master
  • Chief Offcier
  • Chief Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Electro Technician Officer

The documents required for each position (diplomas and certificates) are listed in the «Diplomas and Certificates» menu section.

All management-level candidates undergo Skype interviews with the crewing department of the head office of Laskaridis Shipping Ltd. in Athens before being approved for the position on the ship.

PMS invites seafarers for employment on


The crewing company PMS invites seafarers with experience working on oil/chemical tankers for employment. Alison Management Corp., a subsidiary of Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd., owns twelve vessels. Tankers are used both for transporting petroleum products between ports and for supplying ships with fuel at sea. Salaries are high, within the limits applicable in the market in this industry.

All tankers are of the Oil/Chemical class and operate in various areas of the world ocean, such as: the southwestern Atlantic (the Falkland Islands Area), the Gulf of Guinea, the Southeastern Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, ports of Brazil.

According to the industrial requirements (OCIMF), the command staff of the management level (Captain, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer) and persons directly performing loading, unloading, cargo control operations (pumpman) must have at least 12 months of experience in this position over the past three calendar years on ships of this vessel’s class (Oil/Chemical).

PMS invites seafarers for employment on


The company continues to recruit sailors to work on the reefer vessels of Laskaridis Shipping Ltd. The frozen and chilled products transportation department is the oldest department of the company. This is a steadily developing and reliable direction. The company’s reefer’s fleet operates in all regions of the world and has 21 vessels with a capacity of holds from 375,000 to 548,000 cubic feet. The vessels carry the entire range of refrigerated cargo from squid and krill to bananas and juice concentrates.

Requirements for candidates for positions on ships of the company’s reefer fleet include both requirements for work experience on ships of this type (for senior officers) so are the requirements for work experience on ships of all types.

The duration of the contract is 6 months.


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Our fleet


Our fleet


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