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Crewing company “PROTEAS MARINE SERVICES” – PMS was founded in April 2015. The company was organized jointly with the Greek shipping company LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. Ltd. and employs crews on ships of this company only.

LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. Ltd. has been successfully operating in the refrigerated transportation market for over 36 years. The company is a major member of LAVINIA CORPORATION, together with the affiliated tanker company ALISON MANAGEMENT CORP. and is located in Athens, Greece.

LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. LTD is the owner and operator of:

  • 50 Bulk carriers of types “Panamax”, “Post Panamax”, “Cape Size” and “Handy Max”
  • 23 transport refrigerators;
  • 12 oil/chemical tankers via ALISON MANAGEMENT CORP.

The company’s refrigerators operate in all areas of the world’s oceans and carry out voyages for the transportation of fruits, vegetables, frozen meat and fish and other refrigerated cargo. The bulk of the company’s charter is the transportation of deep-frozen fish, tuna and squid, reloaded in traditional fishing areas from fishing vessels, such as: Falkland Islands, Southeast Pacific, Central Indian Ocean, Micronesian Islands, and offshore refueling.

Currently, PMS trains and forwards more than 1,500 crew members permanently at sea on 75 vessels of LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. Ltd.

Thanks to the high level of services, we have achieved good results – the existing business of refrigerated and tanker transportation, as well as the program of new construction of bulk carriers and tankers allows the seafarers working in the company to feel confident about future, provides seafarers with great opportunities to get jobs on new modern ships.

Nowadays, PMS has been transformed into the central crewing office of LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. LTD, which selects crews for all types of company vessels, coordinating its work with existing crewing agencies LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. LTD in Kaliningrad and Vladivostok.

PMS has extensive and successful experience in the crewing business, and we are proud to state that in terms of the number of jobs provided, our company occupies one of the leading positions among crewing companies operating in the south of Russia.

PMS provides a full range of services, from the selection of a candidate for a position to a complete set of crews. Our company, through its agents, organizes the delivery of crews from the port of hire to the vessel and, upon returning from the voyage, delivery to the seafarer’s place of residence. Documents of all seafarers undergo a full check of expiration dates in accordance with International Conventions. Our company helps in the preparation of flag documents.

All ship officers are tested to confirm their competence using the SEAGULL CES program.

Since 2014, PMS has introduced a cadet program for navigators, engineers and electricians. Cadets are trained on all ships of the company.


Following the personnel policy of LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. LTD, PMS is constantly working to keep seafarers who have a positive assessment of their work on board a job and a corresponding stable promotion for officers.

The primary criterion for the selection of candidates is proven experience on ships of this type, qualifications and proficiency in English.

Thanks to the great experience and high qualifications of PMS employees, our company is one of the most reliable crewing companies.

PMS has been tested and certified by Bureau Veritas for compliance with the requirements of the Seafarers’ Labor Convention 2006.

License # 20115231298 issued 10.09.2015 FMS RF


Our fleet


Our fleet


Our fleet

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